Highly effective psychotherapy combined with medication management as needed

Maor Katz, M.D

Balanced compassionate care
Maor Katz, M.D

Specialty Areas

Psychotherapy combined with medication management as needed for the treatment of:

  1. Depression and mood problems.
  2. Anxiety, low self esteem and trauma.
  3. Relationship problems and couples therapy.
  4. Attention & Concentration problems
  5. Sex and Gender
  6. Habits and addictions.

In my clinical work I strive to work collaboratively with my patients to help with symptomatic relief and cultivate personal growth. Using multiple tools learned throughout my training and practice at Stanford and elsewhere, I aim to create a warm therapeutic connection while using evidence based therapy tools tailored specifically for each person. I am fortunate to have trained by some of the nations' top therapists and psycho pharmacologists in the areas of Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Addictions and Habits to name a few. With some of my patients, I do support the use of medications, Nonetheless this is only in conjunction with therapy and with the aim to facilitate self learning, empowerment, and keep medication use to a minimum.